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La cité du Champagne : Visit and tasting(s)

A unique 360° journey : History, evolution, know-how.

On the lands of the Champagne riots, relive the rise of the cooperative movement and the Champagne appelation of the 20th Century. Discover the secrets of winemaking, 35 meters underground, the champagne cellars have evolved during the past three centuries.
Immerse yourself in the vineyards, aquaint yourself with the crafts and the life-cycle of the vine in front of a breathtaking panorama.

Guided Tour
Approximate duration: 1h30
The tour ends with one or several tasting(s) of Champagne Collet.

Rates :
Visit and tasting- 1 glass : 18,00€
Visit and tasting – 2 glasses : 22,00€
Visit and tasting- 3 glasses : 28,00€

Child’s visit 7 – 17 yrs : 9,00€


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